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Why Beyond Domestication?

Beyond Domestication seeks to demonstrate the importance of rewilding for the future of wellbeing, humanity and the sustainability of the planet using the Seven Practices (food, water, air, sunlight, movement, mindfulness and sleep) to help people connect more closely with nature and themselves.

Since the agricultural revolution our society has been steadily learning and enhancing its ability to domesticate the many wild species of Earth.

To domesticate is to tame the wild and over the last 11,000 years we have successfully tamed all kinds of species from the cow to the carrot and the chicken to the apple.

What if during this process, we inadvertently domesticated ourselves too?

We have tamed all the wildness from our world and this coddling is resulting in the domestication of all humans living within our global society.

There are so many benefits that come from living within a global society, but now it is time to recognise the downsides.

What are the Seven Practices?