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Beyond Domestication is founded off the lived experience of two city-dwellers, turned rewilders.

Early on

We are fascinated by nature and its relationship to health and wellbeing. After discovering the Seven Practices, we began to use them to drive our personal wellbeing journeys, both physically and mentally.

We knew early on that we had to share this story, and so, Beyond Domestication was born. Now we share what we have learned with others to help organisations and individuals prioritise wellbeing.


In 2024, we continue to work with individuals and organisations to empower physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through the rewilding movement.

It’s never to late (or to soon) to prioritise your wellbeing. Recognising your relationship to each of the Seven Practices is a positive first step. To get inspired you can join us for a Retreat or Walk, start the Challenge or pick up a copy of the Book.


Amber-Rose Knight

• People Operations Lead at the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)
• Master’s degree in Human Resources Management
• Oxygen Advantage Breathwork Coach
• Level 4 Bushcraft Instructor
• Fine Art Photographer
• Archer
• Lived experience of using nature exposure and natural practices to support her own mental health

Amber-Rose, a Masters-qualified People and Culture Lead, uses time in nature to support her mental health. Utilising the Seven Practices, she has embarked on a mental health journey that emphasises mindfulness and a deep connection to nature, which she integrates into her overall wellbeing strategy.

In her professional life, Amber-Rose works as a People Leader in the charity sector. She recognised the need to understand mental and physical wellbeing better. Now, she uses her skills to support organisations and individuals in their wellbeing journeys, helping them achieve a balance of mental health and mindfulness.

In addition to her HR work, Amber-Rose is an avid fine art photographer, capturing the natural world through her camera and paintbrush on her many adventures. After being originally passionate about psychology, Amber-Rose chose to pursue fine art photography at university and has documenting nature's beauty ever since.


George Knight

• Training Consultant and Author at the Directory of Social Change
• Author of Beyond Domestication
• Vivobarefoot Barefoot Coach
• Level 4 Bushcraft Instructor
• Level 3 Forager
• Archer
• Lived experience of using the Seven Practices for physical health, including reaching remission from Crohn’s disease and healing bunions

George, a qualified Bushcraft Instructor and Forager, embarked on a rewilding journey to manage the symptoms of Crohn’s disease, a condition he was diagnosed with at age nine. After 21 years of battling the illness, George achieved remission in 2021 and has been largely symptom-free for the past six years. His commitment to rewilding also extended to his feet; between 2019 and 2021, he successfully healed his childhood bunions through natural foot rewilding.

When he is not in the woods, George dedicates his time to training and consulting. He helps organisations and individuals understand and implement practices that promote wellbeing. George's work in the charity sector has equipped him with the skills to work strategically with organisations of all sizes, fostering a culture of physical and mental health awareness.

George authored a book titled "Beyond Domestication," which serves as a guide to rewilding and applying the Seven Practices to enhance personal health, mindfulness, and wellbeing. His lived experience with Crohn’s disease and rewilding was instrumental in forming the practices outlined in his book. "Beyond Domestication" aims to reconnect individuals with their inner nature and promote holistic health.

How did Beyond Domestication get its name?

Why Beyond Domestication?