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About Beyond Domestication

At Beyond Domestication we support organisations and individuals to rewild their wellbeing through the Seven Practices.

Beyond Domestication is the product of two individuals and the rewilding journeys they took to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

After discovering and using the Seven Practices in their own lives they now support organisations and individuals to do the same.

Seven Practices Challenge

28 rewilding challenges to kick-start your wellbeing journey with the Seven Practices.

Rewilding Walks

Connect with nature on a rewilding walk where we discover the benefits of the Seven Practices.


Book a Rewilding Retreat for you or your colleagues. Learn how to spend healthy time in nature with Wellbeing & Bushcraft Instructors George & Amber-Rose.

Seven Practices Course

Uncover how the Seven Practices impact your wellbeing and your productivity at work.

Wellbeing And Work

Workplace Training and Consultancy. Empower your people to be present, positive and creative within the workplace.

Beyond Domestication the book

Guides you through the principles of rewilding, demonstrating the importance of rewilding for wellbeing and the future of humanity.

Meet the Team

Why Beyond Domestication?