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2 reviews for Beyond Domestication the Book

  1. Lauren

    Wow, what a book! I have read so many books from Dr Chris to Tim specter and a lot in between and I have to say that was absolutely brilliant!

    So easy to read, it was like all the books I have read wrapped into one. I will be donating my copy after it has been passed onto to a few friends that I have told about it to the library at school.

    The bit about the autonomic nervous system was also really interesting as that is what my condition is to do with so I will definitely be taking on board those techniques and reading that book.

    Honestly though I was so impressed with how easy it was to read and take on board the suggestions, some books I’ve read are very much it’s my way or the highway mentality so it was refreshing to read one that made several suggestions and asked you to rely on your own instincts. I say this after purchasing god knows what mushroom in a mixed box from the local farm shop and enjoying a nice bit of local beef and a hot bath!

  2. Dan (verified owner)

    Thoroughly enjoyable to read and easy to engage with. This book offers many options for a healthier way of connecting with the world in which we live. Absolutely recommend.

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