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Embrace the healing power of nature & mindfulness practices

Join us for a transformative mindfulness journey, where natural practices become your guide to healing and self-discovery.

A few of our mindfulness practices:

  • World of eyes open: Immerse yourself completely in nature, experiencing its richness to the fullest. Slow down, observe closely, and deepen your connection both with the natural world and with yourself.
  • Sensory awareness meditation: Experience the calming effect of sensory awareness meditation, a powerful tool to center yourself and manage anxiety.
  • Silent movement: Practice silent movement to stay connected to the present moment, embracing the soothing sounds of nature and its tactile sensations.
  • Enhance your sleep: Explore the importance of sleep in wellbeing through discussions on sunlight, mindfulness, routine, breathing and nutrition, discovering how to achieve better sleep patterns.
  • Natural navigation: Have fun learning natural navigation techniques during walks, enhancing your sense of place and connection to the environment.

Attend a Mindfulness experience:

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