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Wellbeing And Work from Beyond Domestication

In this new working world, there is a commitment for organisations to positively influence the wellbeing of their people.

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Learn more with George Knight, Co-Founder of Beyond Domestication

Wellbeing And Work supports organisations at every level of their wellbeing journey

Overall analysis of wellbeing practices throughout organisation

Direct training for managers and leaders to support a wellbeing culture

Advice for individuals; driving both performance and health & wellbeing

Disengaged employees cost 34% of their salary in lost productivity whilst Absenteeism and Presenteeism cost an additional £4,500 worth of disruption per employee.

Primary Interventions

Strategic HR Support

Supporting Managers & Leaders

Reducing Stress

Policies and Procedures

Secondary Interventions

Natural Wellbeing

Employee Development

Vision & Mission Objectives, Values

Employee Perks


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Rewilding Walks

Learn how to use the Seven Practices to benefit from a relationship with nature


Take The Challenge

Reconnect to nature this season


Seven Practices Course

Begin your wellbeing journey


Seven Practices Training

Learn directly from George and Amber-Rose


Wellbeing And Work

Empower your people

Seven Practices Course

Take a shortcut to productivity and wellbeing with the Seven Practices for Wellbeing. This Online Course will explore how you can use the Seven Practices to support both wellbeing and productivity in work.


When you choose Beyond Domestication you are choosing a training provider that empowers your people to drive both performance and wellbeing in work.


Wellbeing is quickly becoming the next major challenge for HR teams around the world to meet. At Beyond Domestication we objectify the wellbeing journey; supporting organisations to empower their people.

Prioritise wellbeing today.

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