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Depending on the setting of your retreat, we can offer a variety of different crafting options.

If we're going to be outside (hopefully around the campfire), you can learn how to make natural cordages from gathered materials such as stinging nettle and/or the inner bark from trees (available resources depending). These can be used for practical things such as cordage for a shelter, or you could create a beautiful bracelet.

Another one for the outdoor experiences is weaving your own quiver or basket from natural materials such as inner bark or rush (a type of grass).

If we're going to be indoors, away from the elements, you can rechild by letting your inner artist flow through either pouring paints (as shown in the image) or collage! These two practices allow you to let go of control and be creatively free.

If you want to book George and Amber-Rose for a rewilding experience get in touch.