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Private Retreats & Walks

Build a Private Retreat or Walk.

Find your perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and personal growth.

Immerse yourself in nature by booking George and Amber-Rose to run a private retreat or guided walk.


Discover the art of foraging for wild food and the therapeutic benefits of herbalism, or engage in invigorating practices like cold water exposure and fire making. Delve deeper into your senses with activities such as barefoot walking, functional breathwork and more.

Our Retreats & Walks are supported by the Seven Practices: Food, Water, Air, Sunlight, Movement, Mindfulness, Sleep. The goal throughout our Retreats & Walks is to help people connect with nature and learn how the Seven Practices fit their lifestyle.


Contact George or Amber-Rose, or fill out the form below to create a bespoke retreat or walk that promises an enriching journey of self-discovery and connection to the natural world.

Retreats & Walks Supported By The Seven Practices for Wellbeing

Learn to Forage Local Plants and Mushrooms for Food and Medicine

Start Walking Barefoot in Nature with George a Vivobarefoot Barefoot Coach

Develop Functional Breathing with Amber-Rose an Oxygen Advantage Instructor.

Reconnect to nature and rewild your wellbeing on a retreat or walk.

George Knight

• Training Consultant and Author at the Directory of Social Change
• Lived experience of using the Seven Practices for physical health, including  reaching remission from Crohn’s disease and healing bunions
• Author of Beyond Domestication
• Vivobarefoot Barefoot Coach
• Level 4 Bushcraft Instructor
• Level 3 Forager
• Archer

Amber-Rose Knight

• People Operations Lead at the Campaign Against Living Miserably
• Lived experience of using nature exposure and natural practices to support her own mental health
• Master’s degree in Human Resources Management
• Oxygen Advantage Breathwork Coach
• Level 4 Bushcraft Instructor
• Fine Art Photographer
• Archer

How does it work?

Private Retreats & Walks from Beyond Domestication allow you to create a bespoke event featuring various natural practices.

Book George and Amber-Rose to create a memorable team day or a personalised experience for friends and family.

Rewilding Walks and Retreats are open to everyone. For specific inquiries, contact George or Amber-Rose.

Take the next step by exploring our experiences and either filling out the form or contacting us for more information.

Prefer not to book a private walk? Join one of our Public Rewilding Walks.

Have a look at our experiences, select your favourites, and we will help you design a bespoke nature retreat or walk.


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