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Barefoot Walking

We'd love to invite you to ground to the earth on your rewilding walk by taking off your shoes and socks. This is a therapeutic technique (also known as grounding) where we align our electrical energy.

When there is direct physical contact between us and the Earth we can gain health benefits from connecting to the powerful magnetic electrical energy the Earth generates.

Whilst grounding, we invite you to follow along with a gentle movement practice, stretching and moving in the natural environment.

Whilst you walk barefoot, free and childlike, we'll also talk about the benefits of airbathing (or forestbathing as it's also known), taking some deep breaths as we do so.

You'll also learn about the sun as a powerful life source, providing you with vital vitamins and actions to keep you healthy. We'll give you tips along the way on how to personalise safe sunbathing just for you.

If you want to book George and Amber-Rose for a rewilding experience get in touch.