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Rewild you wellbeing

Seven Practices

When Amber-Rose and George began seriously considering their physical and mental wellbeing, everything seemed to relate back to the same Seven Practices:

- Food 🥗
- Water 🌊
- Air 💨
- Sunlight 🌞
- Movement 🦶🏻
- Mindfulness 🧘🏿
- Sleep 💤

These practices became pivotal in guiding their journey of experiments to rewilding their wellbeing.

These practices continue to support Amber-Rose’s journey with mental health and aided George’s remission from Crohn’s disease.

Beyond Domestication aims to help others consider their personal relationships with these practices to help achieve their own wellbeing goals.

What is your relationship with each of the Seven Practices below?


Our Food practice includes:

  • Eating wholefoods
  • Regular fasting
  • Eating locally
  • Foraging wild food
  • Buying plastic-free

Nutrient Dense Food

Different Kingdoms


Our Water practice includes:

  • Drinking regularly
  • Filtering water
  • Wild swimming
  • Drinking spring water
  • Buying plastic-free

Pre-Requisite for Life

Natural Water


Our Air practice includes:

  • Forest bathing
  • Houseplants
  • Camping
  • Functional breathing
  • Buying second-hand

Pre-Requisite for Life



Our Sunlight practice includes:

  • Natural sunlight
  • Midday sun
  • Healthy eye exposure
  • Full-body exposure
  • Fire making

Pre-Requisite for Life

Safe Sunbathing


Our Movement practice includes:

  • Regular movement
  • Barefoot-style shoes
  • Grounding
  • Flat foot squats
  • Hanging

Feedback for the Body

Time in Nature


Our Mindfulness practice includes:

  • Planning life goals
  • Practising gratitude
  • Reading time
  • Sensory meditations
  • Eating without screens

Finding Focus

Being Present


Our Sleep practice includes:

  • Lots of sleep
  • Circadian rhythm
  • Sleeping in nature
  • Minimal screentime

Healthy Body Clock

Wake Up Naturally

First: Food