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Seven Practices


The air we breathe is turning into the proverbial trash can of Earth. As much as we deposit trash onto the land, we also deposit trash, in the form of harmful chemicals, into the air. We are only just starting to understand the dramatic impact that we have had on our global climate since the industrial revolution led to us pumping endless waste pollutants into the air.

The air on Earth has fluctuated dramatically many times during its long history. But for whatever reason, over the last 10 million years, the air on our planet has become more reliable and consistent. This consistency has fostered evolution for the millions of species we now share the planet with, but over the last 200 years, we have begun to test that fine balance.

Our society is disconnected from the natural world’s real cost, allowing us to turn our air into a dangerous and chemical-ridden smog. Arguably, we are now living in the harshest environment we have ever faced. What can you do to protect yourself from the dangers in the air? Could you rewild your relationship with air to support both physical and mental wellbeing?

Pre-Requisite for Life


“We are now living in the harshest environment we have ever faced.”

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What we do

Forest bathe

Keep plants


Active breathwork

Buy second-hand

Why do we rewild?

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