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We have taken on both the best and worst characteristics of domestication, with our health increasingly at threat from our disconnection to the natural world.

It is still possible to pursue wellbeing by considering your relationship with the Seven Practices and building an awareness of how that relationship makes you feel.

It can seem like a daunting journey when you start to rewild your health, and we only got to this point by taking things one step at a time. In fact, if you go too fast, it becomes difficult to tell what’s truly making you feel better.

We take people on Rewilding Walks to immerse them in the Seven Practices. We also use the Seven Practices Challenge, Course and Social Media to share our own experiences and provide tips and tricks that you can use to begin rewilding your lifestyle.

To start your journey, join the Beyond Domestication community.


We are also able to have a small number of coachees at one time. Coaching is for anybody that is looking for a more personal introduction to rewilding.


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