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Rewilding from Beyond Domestication

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Rewilding Retreats & Walks

Rewilding Walks

Around the Campfire


Learn how to spend healthy time in nature with qualified Bushcraft Instructors George & Amber-Rose.

Rewilding Walks


When we take you into nature we’re looking to empower your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through the rewilding movement.

A huge part of this is done through foraging. Finding natural whole foods that are unprocessed, free of chemical additives, rich in nutrients foods. Real food.

(2.5 hours)

Animal Track & Sign

Get up close and personal with animal track and sign (location permitting) on a journey of discovery.

We like to call this experience welcoming you to the world of ‘eyes wide open’. What do we mean? You’ll have a new perspective on your surroundings

After you’ve opened to your eyes to the lives of British wildlife through spotting and understanding their track and sign.

(2.5 hours)

Natural Shelters & Wild Camping

Get a true re-wilding experience sleeping under the stars of this planet we call home; Earth. Mother nature. Gaia.

Location dependent, you will be supported to sustainably gather resources and build a natural shelter to sleep in for the night.

If the location isn’t right for this, we can create a wild or ‘almost’-wild camping experience, sleeping in tents.



We truly believe that nature and natural practices are healing. There are many elements we will introduce you to as part of the practice of mindfulness.

We love to use a sensory awareness meditation to bring you back to your centre, you’ll learn how this is something that can support you whenever you have anxieties.

You may also really enjoy taking part in some silent movement, keeping that connection to your present self, whilst taking in the sound of the breeze and the feel of nature on your skin.

(Free optional add-on)

Barefoot Walking

We’d love to invite you to ground to the earth on your rewilding walk by taking off your shoes and socks. This is a therapeutic technique (also sometimes known as earthing) used to help realign your electrical energy.

When there is direct physical contact between us and the Earth we can gain health benefits from connecting to the powerful magnetic electrical energy the Earth generates.

Whilst grounding, we invite you to follow along with a gentle movement practice, stretching and moving in the natural environment.

(Free optional add-on)

Cold Water Exposure

Have you ever thought about swimming in natural water? Getting into an ice bath or taking cold showers?

Let us lead you into this invigorating experience with guided breathwork, supporting you on your journey into the cold.

Depending on the location and time of year we could offer option of natural cold water exposure (in a lake, pond, river etc.). Or if we’re on-site where this isn’t possible, you can experience cold water exposure in a tub with added ice or similar experience.

(2 hours)

Around the Campfire

Herbalism (Balms & Tinctures)

This element is generally an add-on to a rewilding walk where you’ve been learning about and foraging for herbal medicinal plants.

We will have talked to you about any ailments you might currently have, and foraged specifically to treat these where possible.

This is a powerful opportunity to put your new knowledge of herbal remedies into practice by being guided through the process of creating your own medicinal balms (or ointments) and tinctures using your foraged plants.

(Can add-on to foraging) (1.5 hours)

Axe Chopping

Wood chopping with an axe is a traditional and ancestral method of obtaining firewood or preparing logs for various purposes as part of a fundamental activity for survival. It has been practiced for centuries and represents a primal skill that has been passed down from generation to generation

You will learn about the sustainable resourcing and the types of wood suitable for warmth or cooking, shelter building, crafting, tool making and even hunting. You’ll understand safe techniques before preparing wood by swinging the axe and using proper body mechanics to effectively split it.

(2.5 hours)

Fire Making

Have you ever held a flame you created in your hands? This ancestral task is what brought homosapiens to where we are today and the experience never fails to excite.

You’ll help to prepare for your fire by learning about, gathering and preparing the necessary materials, including both man-made and/or natural tinders and coal-extenders.

You then have the opportunity to create fire by friction (sometimes known as fire by frustration) using traditional bow-drill methods, or by using a ferro rod.

(1.5 – 3.5 hours)


Depending on the setting of your retreat, we can offer a bunch of different crafting options.

If we’re going to be outside (hopefully around the campfire), you can learn how to make natural cordages from gathered materials such as stinging nettle and/or the inner bark from trees (available resources depending). These can be used for practical things such as cordage for a shelter, or you could create a beautiful bracelet.

Another one for the outdoor experiences is weaving your own quiver or basket from natural materials such as inner bark or rush (a type of grass).

(2.5 hours)

Acorn Processing

This element is generally a follow-up to a rewilding walk where you’ve been foraging during late summer to early fall.

You will have foraged a large amount of acorns and will then learn how to process them in to flour.

Whilst it is a labor-intensive process that requires time and effort, this activity opens the eyes to the possibility of the unexpected.

(4 – 5 hours)

Bespoke Bushcraft and Wellbeing

Thank you for your interest in retreats and walks from Beyond Domestication.

As you will discover, our rewilding retreats and walks are based around the Seven Practices for physical and mental wellbeing.

You can download the full details of our Walks and Retreats package by filling out the form below.

Contact us: [email protected]

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