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When did this start?

I was able to heal my bunions and rewild my feet by choosing different shoes.
In 2017, I started the journey to heal my feet after struggling with pain in my big toe joints.

This journey took my feet from a size seven to a size nine, as my feet adjusted to their more natural shape over time.

I never expected I would have to worry about bunions before the age of 30. Bunions are something that occurs as people get older, right? But, after years of wearing modern trainers and shoes, my feet had begun to cause me trouble.

George walking barefoot
Barefoot movement on Dartmoor

Choosing to rewild

Upon recognising the pain in my big toe joint, I decided to go to my GP, and they booked me in with a podiatrist. However, my podiatrist was not interested in how I walked, ran, sprinted, climbed or any other type of movement. They just took one look at my feet and prescribed insoles. I was not convinced…

There had to be a more natural solution to my problem.

There is no way that 3 million years of hominid evolution leads to bunions before 30. And for me, the natural solution was already available.

I came across Daniel Vitalis’ podcast with foot podiatrist Ray McClanahan. In this podcast, Ray explains how he works with clients to resolve their foot problems by restoring natural foot function.

Ray continues to talk about why the shape of modern shoes is causing an epidemic of domesticated feet. With brands like Nike and Clarke’s not giving adequate room in their shoes for toes to operate effectively.

Just look at your shoes.

Where is the widest point?

It should be at your toes.

If you are like I was, you may even have noticed that your feet have begun to take on the shape of your shoes. This is how our bunions are forming. When we wear shoes ill-designed for humans, we suffer physical health because of it.

My solution

My journey was personal, and I tell it to inspire others to go on their rewilding journey. You may wish to try some of the suggestions I am going to make, but you may also wish to take your own path entirely.

Firstly, I invested in Correct Toes dividers. These dividers are designed to be worn either with or without shoes and look similar to the foam dividers people use after painting their toenails. The dividers encourage your toes to operate in their natural position, encouraging the foot’s natural movement to take place. I wear them to work, in the gym, to the shops and even on our week-long wild camping trips. From my perspective, these are the leading reason why my toes are returning to their natural state.

Secondly, I started the long process of replacing my damaging and domesticated footwear with shoes that have a wide toe box and no heel (zero-drop). The shoe brands that I now choose to wear include Vivobarefoot, Vibram Five Fingers and Xero Shoes. I still have shoes from other companies, but only those pairs that have a wide enough toe box.

I am 4 years into this journey now, and my feet have begun to operate more naturally. One major change to the way I walk is that I no longer bypass my little toe when I walk or run, and you can see that change in the way the soles on my shoes now wear down. But it may be a few more years before my feet are entirely rewilded.

Whenever I buy shoes now, I take the insole out and stand on it. If my toes do not have adequate room when stood on the insole, I do not buy the shoe. It is simple as that.

Is anybody else suffering from domesticated feet?

Reach out to join the conversation and rewild your wellbeing.


Daniel Vitalis’ podcast with Ray McClanahan:

Correct Toes:


UK Supplier –


Xero Shoes:

Vibram Five Fingers:

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