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Trip Details

George and Amber-Rose take a three day trip to the New Forestt over New Year in December 2022.

Expect wet camps, tarp setups, lots of deer and some tasty foraging.

This is our eighteenth hiking video in a series where we tell the story of our rewilding trips into nature.

Mindful movement and camping in nature is a cornerstone of our wellbeing.

Amber and George in the tent
George and Amber-Rose hiding in the tent
Albino Fallow Deer in the forest
Finding one of the New Forest's elusive White Fallow Deer
Palm trees on an Australian beach

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George and Amber walking in a forest in the rain

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A golden retriever and Tent camping

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George, Amber-Rose and our new tent

Video | Is This The Best Freestanding Tent?

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